Realist with her head in the clouds.

Traditionalist eager to dare.

Sentimentalist, but ready to move on.

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Hilarious! Best Ever ‘Caught Staring’ Photos

"Days on the Lawn was so much fun!"

Said no one ever.  I’ve developed a sense of pride for my school this past year, but to be frank, the DOTL program is vapid. Prospective students shouldn’t look so disinterested.

JMU Choices was 100x better. Just sayin’

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Undisclosed Starlight (Mashup) x

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But shit, it was 99 cents

Fanart of Chibiusa and Helios in Sailor Moon.
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3970 Spencer St.- Luxury Cold War era Fallout Shelter

Inside of the Basilica of St. Peter at Vatican City
National Geographic | December 1985