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Followers of the site on Twitter or Facebook might have already spotted this graphic. If you’re unaware of the Food Babe, or her latest crusade of misinformation regarding chemicals in Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, then this post might not make much sense, but you can at least be thankful you’ve had a facepalm-free day. If you have spotted some of the fallout of her ‘revelations’, here’s a quick image I threw together for you to show to anyone who’s unsure about the claims being bandied around.Now, I don’t even like Starbucks all that much (and confess to never having had a Pumpkin Spice Latte). I’m also all for transparency about the various substances added to food and drinks. However, spreading wilful misinformation about chemicals added to food isn’t helping matters at all in that regard - if anything, it’s only going to make manufacturers more reticent to make publicly available the ingredients in their products, for fear of the scientifically illiterate coming at them with pitchforks.References:
FDA Q&A on 4-MEI
Carcinogenicity studies of caramel colour IV
Critique of carcinogenicity tests
Review of toxicological effects of carrageenan
Lethal doses of common chemicals

Had this stupid grin on all day.

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Smiles all around.
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My oldest friend & his act of kindness 12 yrs ago still gives me the feelz.


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